We love life. We care about life. At Norður & Co, we care about enjoying every moment of life. With a foundation close to nature and a passion for fine food, we aim to create products that make everyday life a little bit better.

It is about more than just salt. We want to change your food experience, one salt flake at a time.

Our dream is that Norður & Co will become a Nordic food company only using high-quality raw materials and with minimal environmental impact. We believe in transparency as a company. We have a down-to-earth spirit and an open door policy. The only way we can reach our goals are by being open and honest about our business. We believe that we can make the world better, one Norður Salt flake at a time.

Søren Rosenkilde CEO-founder


The company Norður & Co is the result of a friendship and common vision shared by Garðar Stefansson and Søren Rosenkilde that started in the autumn of 2012. Our vision is the cornerstone of the Norður & Co enterprise as you just read in the philosophy section.

Norður & Co’s first product is Norður Salt, sustainable arctic sea salt flakes made using geothermal energy. In the future, we plan to broaden the product portfolio and create more products that all will be in the Norður spirit of sustainable and high-quality products.

Behind Norður Salt is a team of creative and vibrant individuals, each with his or her own purpose and approach to the product. Our aim is to be diverse and design our product from multiple angles. The background of every member of our team has an affect on the total experience of Norður Salt.


This is where it all began back in 1753 and where we today have a skilled team to make you the best sea salt flakes possible. We keep a keen eye on the salt crystals making sure the quality is just right. It is hard work but with the occasional break in the hot tub and northern lights in the wintertime. You are always welcome to stop by for a visit, peek in the windows and see how those salt crystals come about on the surface of the pans.

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