Nordur Salt Carton Box (4.4 oz / 8.8 oz)

Original Natural Flavor

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  • Enhances the natural flavors of your food.
  • Rich in minerals, adds nutritional benefits to your diet.
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This is our best seller!  Our salt flakes are easy to work with; the crispy flakes mix better with your food.

Norður Salt’s bold, bright and slightly tart flavour is great with seafood and fish, in stews and soups and as a finishing salt for salads, fish, and meats, lending any dish a distinctive flair. The small, crunchy flakes and pyramids of intense flavour have their own unique characteristics, reminiscent of the mineral-rich Arctic sea. Norður Salt is made with a belief in high-quality, transparent food production with minimal impact on the environment. The unique geothermal production method was first tried in 1753 in the same place Norður Salt is made today.

Cardboard box two sizes, 4.4oz and 8.8oz


Seafood, fish, soups, salads, fish, meats, chocolate, caramel, chicken, eggs, vegetables, cocktails


Sea salt flakes

Hand Harvested
Hand Harvested
Mineral Rich
Mineral Rich
Premium Quality
Premium Quality
Geothermal Process
Geothermal Process
No Carbon Footprint
No Carbon Footprint

Nordur salt is produced with 100% clean and renewable energy

  • Natural process

    Pure, mystical arctic seawater is pumped into open containers where it is slowly heated with water from natural hot springs.

  • Sustainable process

    This sustainable process leaves no carbon dioxide behind, just crunchy flakes of Nordur sea salt.

  • Mineral rich

    The type of seaweed found in the area where the salt is extracted from, makes it rich in minerals.

Nordur Salt - Sustainable Process

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William Shockley
Bestt tasting salt ever

My tastes are simple, I like the finest...that's Nordur Salt.
Clear snd clean.


Improve Things Please

Normally I love to leave glowing, positive reviews. But your company has multiple things to improve upon.

- Both phone numbers I contacted didn't give me any ability to leave a message

(wasn't even sure I reached your company cause the greetings were so generic)

- Shipping took WAY too long. Salt is your only product, how is this possible?

- Support (Info) never responded to my inquiries via email

Why are you even in business if you're reluctant about interacting with customers? That's an expected part of the job. Otherwise the salt is great, but why should I order it from you going forward?



Meaghan Paulosky

Nordur Salt Carton Box (4.4 oz / 8.8 oz)

~ Mineral Rich~ Geothermal Process~ Pure Salt~ Made in Iceland~ Mineral Rich~ Geothermal Process~ Pure Salt~ Made in Iceland

Chef approved


Hi, it has the naturally occurring minerals, nothing is added to the salt.

Use it to add a hit of salinity and crunch to finished dishes like salads, vegetables, grilled
meats and steaks, fish, scrambled eggs and more! Try adding a pinch to freshly baked brownies or cookies.
The smoked sea salt can be added to dishes to give them a smoky flavour, try it with chicken, meat, fish, or sprinkled over a corn on the cob with a touch of butter, or simply enjoy it with bread and butter.
The lava salt is a blend of Nordur's Arctic flakes plus activated charcoal. The charcoal gives it a black color, reminiscent of the Icelandic lava and black beaches. This salt has a mild taste and works well for finishing dishes or even in cocktails!

Yes, we ship everywhere within the United States.

Keep the product in a dry place

According to the American Heart Association does not recommend taking more than 2,300
milligrams (mg) per day or exceeding the ideal limit of 1,500 mg per day for most adults.
Nordur has 260mg per serving,
you can check our nutrition facts here:

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